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Moving to Dreamwidth [Apr. 9th, 2017|02:55 am]
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Any changes to this blog are scarcely earth-shaking.

There's been no activity since June of 2014, and only intermittent posts for a couple of years before that - there was precisely one entry in 2012 - but for various reasons I've decided to import everything to Dreamwidth.

The import is now complete, an easy process even for someone as non-tech-savvy as me, merely time-consuming as it worked up a queue. My username there is the same as here.

I can't promise there'll be much more happening in DW than LJ, I seem to waste spend most of my time on Tumblr nowadays while Diane (who's also migrated) nags me about finally getting my revised website up and running.

This Will Happen, I promise...

Meanwhile, making a final entry here should raise a flag and pointer for anyone who might have wondered where I went.

Maybe I'll see you on the other side... :-)

(This account will close on or around 9th May.)
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